Utility Knife Titanium Coated Gold

Kasumi Titanium Coated – KTB04 – 4 3/4″ Utility Knife

KTB04 – 4 3/4″ Utility Knife

The blade is manufactured in Molybdenum Vanadium steel with 2 colors of Titanium coating (Blue and Gold) a material affording the sharpest edge possible by the combination of steel and Titanium. The outstanding edge of the KASUMI Titanium coated blade has been achieved by combining the best of advanced technology with the unsurpassed knowledge and expertise of the craftsmen making these professional kitchen knives. Their skills have been cultivated in the traditional Japanese techniques of sword making, handed down from generation to generation for over 780 years in the capital of swords and knives, Seki, Japan.

The benefits of titanium :

: Corrosion proof in all natural occurring environments.

: Non toxic chemical and acid resistant.

: More abrasion resistant then steel.

: Hygienic and non allergenic.

Do not use for cutting bone or frozen foods. We recommend you wash by hand in warm soapy water.

Always sharpen with either Kasumi diamond sharpener or with a Chroma whetstone!